In Options Dehradun, our philosophy is simple yet effective, we do not prefer any particular kind of student, a simple graduate, an engineer, both are treated the same because we know that at the end of our training process both would be polished gems ready to sparkle the world.

We do not believe in pre-coaching assessment to check the intelligence level of students, what we believe in is the assessment of the “WILL” of the student because everyone has the right to aspire, dream and try.

You show us the”WILL” and we commit to train you and train you well. We believe in the overall development of the student and that is why our classroom coaching is much more than training you on the subject only.

We strongly believe that no two students are the same therefore apart from the classroom training we give extra attention to the students as per their requirements. For this assessment, we use the academic and psychological profile prepared by our specialists.

Regular Group Discussion session where we make sure that every student gives his insight and learns from the insights of others. Regular Quiz competitions to make student conscious of the world and events. A full length tests every Saturday to test your learning and add to your competitive abilities.

An interactive discussion every Wednesday on topics such as the “Sub Prime Crisis”, “The Budget”. These Discussions are not based on numbers rather we try to give an analytical bent of mind to the student by discussing the implications of these events.

Options Coaching Academy(OCA) offer.

At OCA, we are focused on Rigorous Academic Sessions and Personality Development Programme(PDP), for balanced development of the students. This makes sure that the student does superbly in both the written exam as well as the interview. The study material at Options Coaching Academy includes meticulously prepared unmatched notes on Grammar in English, General Knowledge, and Current Affairs differently crafted for all examinations, for SSC, CDSE, and bank.

Online and Offline Test Module – Options Coaching Academy 

We have a very systematic online and offline test series for all competitive examinations-Banking, Railway, CDSE, SSC, CLAT. We have a “Saturday test” every second Saturday and paper practice sessions once the syllabus is over. It is found that those students who do paper practice regularly have an edge over other students. This is most useful for SSC (CGL) and Defence Exams(CDS/AFCAT/NDA/GROUP’X’/GROUP’Y‘).

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