Name :- Aditya Tripathi
Name of the Exam :- SSC – CGL (2014-2015)
Roll No. of Qualified Exam :- 2002026351
Father’s Name :- Mr. O.N.Tripathi
Mother’s Name :- Mrs. Chandrawati Tripathi
Institute :- Options Coaching Academy, Dehradun – Uttarakhand.
Hobbies :- Sports – Cricket, Music

The Success Story 

Congratulations for your selection in SSC – CGL (2014-2015) – Custom & Excise Department.

Q1: OCA- To whom do you give the credit of your selection ?
Ans: Aditya- To my family (father and mother ) and the Director of Options – Mr. Himanshu Goel.

Q2: OCA – After how many attempts did you succeed in Examination?
Ans: Aditya – This was my first attempt in SSC-CGL

Q3: OCA – Did you take help of any Institute and if yes, what is the role of that Institute in your selection ?
Ans: Aditya – Yes ,OCA ‘s role was very important for my selection in SSC Exam .

Q4: OCA – How did you prepare for the written examination ?
Ans: Aditya – I prepared from the study material and regular mock tests provided by OCA, read newspaper on regular basis and vocabulary enhancement.

Q5:- OCA – What is the best thing about your coaching institute according to you ?
Ans: Aditya – Continuous guidance and support from the teaching staff, mock test series and concise study material –booklets.

Q6: OCA- How did you prepare for the Interview ?
Ans: Aditya – I joined the Interview classes of Options Coaching Academy .

Q7: OCA – Tell us about the Interview board and the Questions asked ?
Ans: Aditya – There were two males and one female member. They were friendly, cooperative and not even for a moment, was I nervous.
The Interview Questions Asked Were :

  1. Central excise and Income tax (in detail)
  2. Sales tax and Excise Duty (in detail)
  3. Geography –Tides, reference lines, Kepler’s Law
  4. Job experience
  5. Personal Background

OCA: What message do you want to convey to other aspirants.
Aditya – SSC examination requires discipline, interest, persistent focus and smart study.

Options: Once again congratulations to you for your success and wish you a bright future ahead.
Aditya – Thank you very much.

The Winning Team
The Winning Team – Again, a great team effort to create the win.

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