How is the Career Growth in 5 years in Public Sector Banks joining as Bank PO?

In a Public Sector Bank, if you join as Bank PO, there will be 1 or 2 promotions. In one promotion you will be promoted on the posts of Manager (Scale-2), whereas for other promotion an individual will be promoted on the posts of Senior Manager. However, the promotions after joining as Bank PO are different for different banks. It actually depends on the number of posts vacant at the Manager or Senior Manager Level. Even though, the general fact about promotions in any sector is the performance of any individual on a recent post.

career growth of a bank po

Now if we talk about getting an entry in Public Sector Banks as Bank PO, you have to qualify the Bank PO exam. Bank PO is one of the tough examinations in India for which candidates have to struggle very hard to get recruitment. As it is a tough exam so you also need to start the preparation from the very beginning. The best option to prepare for Bank PO exam is by joining the Bank PO coaching in Dehradun. You need guidance to practice thoroughly for Bank PO exams. You will get proper guidelines from experienced teachers, best study material, simple & easy techniques to solve questions of different sections of Bank PO question paper etc. by joining Bank PO coaching in Dehradun.

Now coming back to the career growth in Banks in 5 years, you can try some of the tips shared below to get promotions.

  • Finish JAIIB/CAIIB to get promotions

In the Public Sector Bank, this course is quite valuable. You can get maximum advantages of this course in getting promotions. Along with this, you will also get 2 extra increments which are equal to 2000/- every month for your entire career.

  • Get fast-track Promotions in Public Sector Banks

Well, fast-track promotions sound good but you need to work very hard to get this. Many Public Sector Banks have introduced fast-track promotions to encourage the performance of their employees. Many of the fast track promotions need the employees to finish JAIIB/CAIIB. Fast track promotions will be given on the basis of written examination & interview scheduled. 

  • Learn systems of Bank & process for promotions

After joining as Bank PO in Public Sector bank the first 2 years will be your probation period. In this probation period, you will be given various roles & responsibilities. This is like a golden opportunity to learn the Banking system, various policies & processes of Banks. This is the best time to get noticed by your supervisors by performing better in your roles & responsibilities.

  • Give ultimate performance to get promotions

In banks, there is a system known as “Performance Appraisal” in which the employees get marks by their supervisors. The marks in performance appraisals mean a lot for promotions. Hence, it is very important that you try to come in the good books of your supervisors by performing better in your work.

To achieve great successes everyone has started from the beginning. Hence, if you are appearing for Bank PO exam then for you the beginning is to get preparation for Bank PO exam. You should join the best Bank coaching in Dehradun to prepare for Bank PO exams.

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