English Cloze Test Quiz For Bank

Given the state of (1) life in our country today-where corruption, violence and intolerance are increasingly (2) in day to day interactions-isn’t it (3) time that (4) made a concerted effort to teach values? The very first (5) from many is that values cannot be taught, they need to be (6) Ideally, values must be taught by people who are (7) to lead by example. Fortunately for us, Indian culture has ensured that good role (8) can still be found (9) our midst. We only need to (10) in on them.

(1) my
(2) their
(3) social
(4) night
(5) Public

(1) sordid
(2) practical
(3) evident
(4) theoretical
(5) tense

(1) long
(2) high
(3) quantum
(4) quality
(5) depressing

(1) educationists
(2) players
(3) politicians
(4) artists
(5) government

(1) suggestion
(2) objection
(3) proclamation
(4) temptation
(5) emotion

(1) studied
(2) tried
(3) learned
(4) imbibed
(5) experienced

(1) thrilling
(2) willing
(3) declaring
(4) considering
(5) trying

(1) players
(2) actors
(3) models
(4) reversal
(5) leading

(1) amongst
(2) between
(3) above
(4) like
(5) against

(1) ten
(2) bang
(3) zero
(4) hit
(5) smart


1. 5, 2. 3, 3. 2, 4. 1, 5. 2, 6. 4, 7. 2, 8. 3, 9. 1, 10. 3.

English Cloze Test 20 Jan 2016

The donkey has always been looked on ___1___ the less impressive cousin of the horse. It ___2___ rather silly with its big, floppy ___3___ and short, sturdy legs. It also makes an unbecoming loud braying ___4___. Probably ___5___ of its appearance and bray, it is always ___6___ in folktales as a silly creature.

Yet, donkeys that live ___7___ the wild are fine-looking and well-built creatures. They are sociable and ___8___ an average lifespan longer than ___10___ of horses. Wild donkeys can (10) even faster than horses. They are ___11___ patient than horses, more evenly-tempered and more willing to ___12___ tedious jobs that involve going ___13___ and from the ___14___ place.

The donkey was the first animal domesticated by ___15___ as a beast of burden. In ancient ___16___, the donkey was used frequently as a ___17___ of transport in Palestine. Perhaps the best honour ___18___ to this humble animal is the ___19___ that Jesus ___20___ Jerusalem riding on a donkey.


1. as 2. looks 3. ears 4. noise 5. because 6. portrayed 7. in 8. have 9. that 10. run 11. more 12. do/perform 13. to 14. same 15. man 16. times 17. means 18. given 19. fact 20. entered

English Fill in the Blanks Quiz for 7th August 2015

Fill in the Blanks.

1. She held the bag ……………………., even though her arm hurt ……………………..

  • Tight; badly
  • Tightly; bad
  • Tight; bad
  • Tightly; badly

2. ………………….. have been to the opera.

  • Neither John nor I
  • Neither I nor John
  • Neither John nor me
  • Neither me nor John

3. The manager offered …………………………. a job.

  • Susie and me
  • Me and Susie
  • Susie and I
  • I and Susie

4. ……………………… there are few secrets.

  • Between you and me
  • Between me and you
  • Between I and you
  • Between you and I

5. Both ………………………… are going to the beach.

  • He and I
  • Him and me
  • I and he
  • I and him

6. Fifty years before Jesus ………………………….., the Romans landed in Britain.

  • Is born
  • Was born
  • Is borne
  • Was borne

7. David ………………………… across a field one sunny morning, when he noticed a bird stumbling awkwardly.

  • Was strolling
  • Is strolling
  • Strolled
  • Has strolled

8. Steven, ……………………… has been chosen for the quiz, is a clever boy.

  • Who
  • Whom
  • That
  • Which

9. The beaver, …………………………. is a hard working animal, is a native of Canada.

  • Which
  • That
  • Who
  • Whom

10. The airplane ………………………….. was grounded had engine trouble.

  • Which
  • That
  • Which / that
  • Who

1.Tight; badly, 2. Neither John nor I, 3. Susie and me, 4. Between you and me, 5. He and I, 6. Was born
7. Was strolling, 8. Who, 9. Which, 10. Which / that.

English Fill The Blank Quiz For 5th August 2015

1. Three days was simply not a(n) _____ amount of time to complete such a lot of work.
2. You don’t need to be a(n) _____ see what the problem here is.
3. Make sure you read all the _____ carefully before setting up the device.
4. There are special schools for students with _____ disorders.
5. Seeing that some of their _____ have one, children ask their parents for a mobile phone at a very early age.
6. When the space probe landed on Mars, the first thing it did was to take a(n) _____ from the Martian soil.
7. The students gel a monthly _____ which usually consists of writing a report.
8. Half of the courses in our department were_____ . There were a variety of courses to choose from.
9. Children need to be taught to learn _____ at primary school, otherwise they can’t get anywhere in their school life.
10. In most countries, schools have two _____ , or semesters, while in others there can be up to six.


1. acceptable, 2. genius, 3. instructions, 4. mental, 5. peers, 6. specimen, 7. assignment, 8. optional, 9. independently, 10. terms.

English Cloze Test For SBI / IBPS Bank Exams

Given the (1) of black money in the economy is large, even though declining, and that a large part of these transactions take place in cash, it is natural the government would want to find ways to deal with this. The finance secretary, for instance, has said that one of the (2) being considered is that no one paying a bill of more than Rs 5,000 in a restaurant should be allowed to do so in cash—once the amount is paid by credit or debit card, it automatically leaves a trail for the taxman to (3) since bank accounts have PAN card details. At some point, presumably, the same principle needs to be extended to luxury boutiques/shops and showrooms for automobiles, among others. The finance secretary, in fact, has said the government will set up a committee to suggest ways to incentivise credit and debit card transactions. One of them, he said, could be to share the costs of the Point of Sale device; greater spread of the RuPay cards could be another, (4) their charges are lower. Another suggestion made has been to limit the amount of cash that can be (5) while purchasing property. While discouraging the use of cash is a good thing, it is unlikely incentivising the use of credit/debit cards is going to be of much use. A person buying a house or a luxury car, or paying for an expensive meal in a luxury hotel in cash is not doing so to avoid paying the service charge levied by Visa or MasterCard—the idea is to avoid getting (6) in the tax net.

It is equally important to recognise that (7) mandating some things will not help. There is, for instance, no way of ensuring a limit, of say Rs50,000, for the cash payment on the purchase of a flat as long as the registration is being done at a lower value than the actual one. The only way to check this is to do other reforms like lowering stamp duties, (8) circle rates with market values and refuse to recognise power of attorneys as proof of sale. The other, and more sensible, way is to make use of the troves of information the government already (9) by way of annual information returns from jewellers, real estate firms, automobile dealers, hotels, property registrars, travel agents and airlines among others. Once a profile is available of large spenders, this needs to be (10) with the income tax returns.


1. Share, 2. Measures, 3. Follow, 4. Given, 5.Paid, 6. Caught, 7. Merely, 8. Align, 9. Collects, 10. Matched.