Establishing harmonious relations between man and nature

It is an age old maxim that nature is our mother and if it is to be commanded, it must be obeyed.Nature has through the ages, cast a spell on man. From the ancient Indian rishis, who meditated in caves and dipped in the holy water to the modern heroes of Antarctica and Everest expeditions and navigators all have been fascinated by the glory of nature. Ever since his appearance on this planet, man has been using the priceless gifts of nature without restraint. Seldom did he give thought to the fact that the supplies of air that he breathed, the water that he drank, the food that he ate and the industrial raw materials which he extracted from the bowels of earth might disappear one day.

Nature has been suffering because of thoughtless human intervention in its recycling process for hundreds of years. The relationship between man and nature reflects profound changes in the wake of modern scientific and technological development. And here lies the cause  for concern for the entire human race. The forests are being slaughtered mercilessly to satisfy the needs of the teeming millions. With the vanishing of the forests, the surroundings are becoming concrete jungles. Moreover the protected ozone layer is also being depleted which is going to affect more than half of the world population through global warming. So desperate are we to enjoy our today that tomorrow does not seem all that important.  The pollution of Ganga, discharge of polluted industrial effluents into Yamuna in delhi, the mass poisoning of fish in the Rhine are alarming signals for man to realize what he is doing to nature and respectively to himself. It is by now fairly evident that we are polluting our nature on an unprecedented scale and wrecking it in a way that makes regeneration impossible. As a result, the marvelous creatures and plants dependent on the nature are limping towards extinction amid man’s cruelty.

In his mad race for power and prosperity, with a feeling of shock and horror, man is now aware of the fact that the nature and its resources are vast but limited. He has realized that if the present trends are allowed to go unchecked, the future of life on earth will be endangered.

It is high time man does something before the unimaginable stage is reached when rivers will burn, fish will rot on the shores, trees will be their own ghosts and cities will be chocked with polluted and foul smelling air.  The time demands great hearts and ready hands. You may turn out to be the savior of mankind but only if you begin now.

“It is neither too early , nor too late when the survival is at stake.”

Right and Duties go together

“The  biggest rights in the world are achieved through service and sacrifice.” Premchand.

Rights and Duties are correlative and are not mutually exclusive. A right is an interest, an advantage, a claim or privilege which is recognized as well as  protected.

Today’s world is another Great Grimpen Mire in the ominous darkness of which one only hears confused protestations and cries of alarm to ensure each one’s rights. Old and young , high and low, men and women all clamour for their rights unmindful of any genuine reason for the same.

The concept of Right and Duty can be looked upon in similarity with the concept of action and reaction.  As was put forward in Newton’s third Law of motion that  ‘to every action, there would be every action and reaction”. In the same way, Rights and Duties are correlated to each other in such a way that they cannot be conceived of without the other. In other words, the existence of the one depends on the existence of the other as there can be no child without a father and no father without a child.  A right is always against someone upon whom the correlative duty is imposed. In the same way a duty is always towards someone in whom the correlative right vests.

Science has given us knowledge but not wisdom; it has given us comfort but not happiness. Liberalism has only made us conscious of our rights, it has failed to render happiness. Our ancestors were much happier than us since they emphasized on duty. Now, there has been a shifting of emphasis from duties to rights which has only afforded to give momentary pleasure but not happiness.

Democracy is a government by consent. In an election, a candidate sees that his rights to stand for election are protected. However if he shirks from his duty after being elected, the much canvassed right is curtailed by the same person. In fact the very basis of democracy lies in the fact that each citizen should try  to do what he is capable of doing without waiting for others to perform the same work .

The concept of rights and duties going together teaches us a golden rule that if you have got the right of not getting hurt by somebody, you have a corresponding duty not to hurt others. A substantial part of happiness and friendliness will return to the globe if man starts recognizing the significance of the concept of rights and duties going together. Then the world around us will bloom with joy and fraternity which should have been there but are missing at present.

The statement given below sums up the entire discussion in one line.

‘Duties are where Rights lie.’