Joint Conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices A joint Conference of the Chief Justices and the Chief Ministers was held on April 5, 2015 in New Delhi. On this occasion Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted that the judiciary should attain perfection. He urged judges to evolve an in-built self-correction me chanism to prevent rot from within. Earlier in his speech, Chief Justice of India H. L. Dattu – described the relationship between the judiciary, and the executive as one of siblings who hold each others hands and correct each other when needed. The judiciary he said, was open to ‘suggestions, change and dialog ue’ to evolve the administration of justice. Even as the CJI laid emphasis on the government’s cooperation to improve court infrastructure, the Prime Minister expressed unhappiness over the existence of more than a 100 tribunals and the way they were eating into financial resources. “Is there a need for so many tribunals ? I want all seniors in the Supreme Court to contemplate if tribunals are actually helping to improve the functioning of the judiciary a lot of budget goes waste in tribunals,” Mr. Modi said.

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