daily routine of a NDA cadet

NDA (National Defence Exam) is a tough competitive exam in our country. It is an honourable profession one can join after qualifying NDA exam. Every year thousands of interested candidates try their fate in NDA exam. Very few deserving candidates got shortlisted after qualifying the NDA exam. As of now, we have read a lot about NDA exam like- who can apply, when can apply, what is the procedure, best NDA coaching in Dehradun etc. but now we will discuss little about the daily routine of an NDA cadet.
The life of a NDA cadet is completely different from the life of a civilian. Many of you must be interested to know the daily routine of a NDA cadet. So let’s have a discussion on this topic- Daily routine of an NDA cadet.

• Punctuality is very important in NDA
NDA cadets have to get up early in the morning to start their day. They have to get ready for warm-up of the day i.e. PT/Drill. After finishing the PT/Drill, the cadets have to return back to their squadron and go for breakfast after changing their clothes. After having breakfast, all the cadets have to rush to get into the class. Punctuality is very important in NDA, hence the cadets have to be punctual at every step during training period regardless of whatever is the scenario.

• Sport is a vital part of NDA
Be ready for additional diversion periods during NDA training. Various sports and games play a very important role in NDA. The cadets get to play various games such as hockey, football, basketball etc. This is also a part of the exercise which is very important for a NDA cadet to be physically fit. The cadet may get any kind of additional diversion in a day without prior notification. Perform your best in sports, games, PT/Drill, additional diversions etc. In this way, the day comes to an end in performing various activities. No one needs to be outside his room after the lights out.

• Examination time
Like the students have to face examination time in their school and college, similarly in NDA also the cadets have to come across exams time. Regular examinations are conducted in NDA to check-out the performance of the cadets so far. In NDA exams the cadets have a healthy completion between different squadrons. There will be various activities conducted to examine the cadets. The cadets will also get to learn teamwork and to win with a team.

• Discipline is like a code of conduct for NDA
The life of a NDA cadet is quite strict in terms of discipline. The cadets become so busy in the training that they do not get time for other personal activities. The NDA cadets are always surrounded with various occasions scheduled in regular intervals such as debates, quiz, athletics, sports etc. Watching TV is also included in their time-table of NDA cadets as directed by their seniors.

• Indoor & Outdoor clubs
The NDA cadets also requested to join various clubs either outdoor or indoor as per their choice. It helps to learn new things and also improves the abilities of the cadets. The cadets can join outdoor clubs such as archery, martial arts, shooting, water skiing, gardening, automotive, rock climbing, paragliding, rowing, golf, trekking, parasailing, windsurfing, skating, kayaking, astronomy, aero-modelling, sailing etc.
On the other hand, indoor clubs that NDA cadets can join are- dramatics, public speaking, classical music, literature, artificial intelligence, established arts western music, robotics, media, yoga etc.

Whatever is the difficulty level of an NDA cadet in daily life during his training but it is always an honour to get selected in NDA. If you are also interested to live disciplined life like an NDA cadet then you can join a good NDA coaching in Dehradun to start preparation for NDA Exam. However, the life of a NDA cadet cannot be expressed until experienced but not everyone get this honour to live life like a NDA cadet.


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