1. Tax Information Network (TIN) is associated with – Income Tax.
  2. Which sector constitutes the maximum share in nation income of India ? – Tertiary sector.
  3. Which helpline has been launched to assist Micro, Small and Medium enterprises ? – Udyami.
  4. Silk and Art Silk Mills Research Association is located in – Mumbai.
  5. What was the aim of Antyodaya Programme? – Helping the poorest among poors.
  6. The Vivek Express running on India’s longest train route, connects Dibrugarh (Assam) with – Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu).
  7. Which state was the first to Introduce Value Added Tax (VAT) IN 2003. – Goa.
  8. The basis of determining dearness allowance to employees in India is – Consumer Price Index.
  9. Name the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics for the Year 2014.- Jean Tirole.

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