The honey bee is a very unusual kind of insect. ___1___ other insects which live alone, the honey bee lives as a ___2___ of a community. These bees live ___3___ in what is known as a bee colony.

The head of the colony is called the queen bee. She is larger than the___4___ of the bees. Her main task ___5___ the colony is to lay eggs. Most of the ___6___ bees are the worker bees. These bees ___7___ nectar and pollen from flowers. The nectar ___8___ is carried by the worker bees is deposited on the hive and then converted ___9___ honey. The worker bees also help look ___10___ the young bees. as soon as the eggs are ___11___, the worker bees feed the young bees ___12___ pollen and nectar. The third type of bee found in the colony is the drone or ___13___ bee. The main task of ___14___ a bee is to mate with a new queen.

The queen bee has a life ___15___ of about three years. ___16___ this period, she would have ___17___ more than half a million eggs. ___18___ the queen bee is dying, a new queen would be groomed. This new queen would eventually take ___19___ the ‘duties’ of the old queen when the ___20___ dies.

Ans: 1. about 2. take 3. landed 4. missed 5. with 6. tell 7. all 8. well 9. dishonest 10. fair 11. end 12. low 13. already 14. told 15. heart 16. would 17. returned 18. scored 19. full 20. now

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