1. Mr. Manoj Baliyan


A specialist in GK for the Hindi/English Medium Batches. He imparts GK as pure knowledge which excites students who to enter the deep ocean of General Knowledge.

2. Mr. Arun Malik

A true Mathematician who knows the best possible shortcuts in Logical Reasoning and Maths for the English Medium students. He has cleared CDS, SSB and SSC.

3. Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma

4. Mr. Saurabh Kumar

Grammar Guru a boon to the Hindi/English Medium students. His deep understanding and experience can easily make anyone a genius in English.

5. Mr. Nitin Mukesh Negi

Patience and Teaching Methodology make him the most supportive Maths Faculty for Hindi Medium Students.

6.Mr. Deepak S. Bora

The most innovative and enthusiastic faculty for Maths and Current Affairs. He has cleared CDS, PO and SSC.

7. Mr. Sumit Kukreja

His in-depth knowledge of Banking, Economics and Marketing makes him the most popular amongst the Bank Clerical and PO Students.

8. Mr. Sandeep Kumar

9. Mr. Paras Kumar

The tech guy and our lab manager. He is the one who provide you with all the notes and test papers.

10. Mr. Vijay

A guardian and friend to all. He takes care of all our needs from finding a room on rent to the examination date sheet. The caretaker who provides us refreshments and study material.

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