Q. I am a student preparing for SSC. However, since I have been studying scientific concepts for all these years, learning vocabulary and data by rote is proving to be difficult. I end up forgetting whatever I learn. Please help ?

Ans. Memory recall is a side function of interest. There is nothing such as a good or bad memory. Every experience and learning that you have had, right from the time of birth is firmly recorded on your brain neurons. Only a spontaneous or highly motivated interest can help your recall such data with ease.

Q. I am a student preparing for an CDSE and living in a small town. Could you give me some tips to improve my personality ?

Ans. Personality is integrated organization of all the psychological, intellectual, emotional and physical characteristic of an individual, as presented to other people. The sum total of all such characteristics makes the person socially pleasing. While physical attributes are important, it is the intrinsic attributes such as the clarity of thought, expression, understanding and the ability to communicate effectively that form the main stem of a personality. Unlike inherited good looks, intrinsic attributes can be cultivated with effort and awareness.

Q. I did not have maths after 10th class, what extra work should I do ?

Ans. Maths requires hard work, practice and IQ. Try to improve on the basics first and then practice on the mental calculations and Vedic Maths. Learning tables up to 30, cubes, squares, etc., will help a lot. You can also refer to NCERT Maths books of 7th to 10th class for basics.

Q. Do the student of engineering background and the student with work-ex get some advantages over the others ?

Ans. Definitely, the Engineers and the student with work-ex have broaden their horizons and hence, should get the advantage but if they are not able to justify their engineering classes or knowledge of work experience then this becomes a great disadvantage for them.

Q. I am lagging behind in my preparations. The pending work demoralizes me. The tasks keep accumulating. What should I do ?

Ans. The Bank PO requires hard work and there is no point in getting cold feet at this juncture. Regain your confidence. Intones the following affirmations, repeating them forcefully and as often as your can : ‘I give everything I have got to everything I do”. And “I undertake every task with commitment and complete it to perfection, with total concentration.”

Q. I come from a middle class family, will I able to meet the expenses at a B-school ?

Ans. Don’t let lack of funds come in the way of your education. Financial support to needy students is provided in the form of tuition waivers or maintenance allowance by many management schools. In addition, the school also helps students in acquiring educational loans from financial institutions. Many banks offer educational loans at a lower rate of interest for amount up to Rs. 4 lakh payable in easy installments.

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