English Cloze Test 20 Jan 2016

The donkey has always been looked on ___1___ the less impressive cousin of the horse. It ___2___ rather silly with its big, floppy ___3___ and short, sturdy legs. It also makes an unbecoming loud braying ___4___. Probably ___5___ of its appearance and bray, it is always ___6___ in folktales as a silly creature.

Yet, donkeys that live ___7___ the wild are fine-looking and well-built creatures. They are sociable and ___8___ an average lifespan longer than ___10___ of horses. Wild donkeys can (10) even faster than horses. They are ___11___ patient than horses, more evenly-tempered and more willing to ___12___ tedious jobs that involve going ___13___ and from the ___14___ place.

The donkey was the first animal domesticated by ___15___ as a beast of burden. In ancient ___16___, the donkey was used frequently as a ___17___ of transport in Palestine. Perhaps the best honour ___18___ to this humble animal is the ___19___ that Jesus ___20___ Jerusalem riding on a donkey.


1. as 2. looks 3. ears 4. noise 5. because 6. portrayed 7. in 8. have 9. that 10. run 11. more 12. do/perform 13. to 14. same 15. man 16. times 17. means 18. given 19. fact 20. entered

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