How to prepare for GK (General Knowledge) and Current Affairs for Bank PO Exam?

Banking is a popular profession in India. Every student work hard at least to give an attempt in Bank exams after 12th and graduation through Bank Clerical and Bank PO exams. However, getting entry into Bank PO is quite tough but you should not lose hope until you attempt it. You will be appointed as Probationary Officer (PO) after clearing Bank PO exam. The best option to pass Bank PO exam with good marks is by joining Bank PO coaching in Dehradun and we also provides best CDS coaching in Dehradun.

First of all you should know the syllabus of Bank PO exam which consists of Mathematics, English, Reasoning, GK, current Affairs etc. Out of all these subjects General Knowledge and current affairs is a vast area to cover for Bank PO exam. There are endless questions to learn and remember in Gk & current affairs. Many students have the problem of forgetting the topics they have learnt. Such students fail to remember the topics they have already completed. The best way to overcome from this situation is to discuss the topics you have learnt with your friends. Also revise the topics you learnt at least twice a week. In this way you will keep in touch with learnt topics.

preparation for bank PO

If we talk about preparation for GK and current affairs, the best way for this is to read newspaper. Reading newspaper will help you to grasp the latest updates around the world. GK and current affairs is a very important part of Bank PO preparation. You can score good in Bank PO exam if you have thorough preparation of GK & current affairs. If you have good command in GK & current affairs then you will be able to perform good not only in Bank PO exam but any other competitive exam because most of the competitive exams have this section included in the question paper.

Few useful tips to follow for GK & Current affairs preparation

  • Read newspapers on daily basis
  • Read magazines regularly
  • Watch News Channels
  • Take reference of internet
  • Take part in quiz conducted online.

Different areas of GK from where the question are mostly asked in Bank PO exam 

  • Related to Banking

As it is a Bank PO exam, hence question from Banking field are quite common to be asked in the exam. You may expect questions from the topics such as savings & current A/Cs, term deposits, non-performing assets etc. Prepare questions on banking to score good in GK section.

  • Related to Economics & Corporate

In Bank PO exam the questions from Economic, finance, politics, corporate etc. will also be asked. Give emphasis to cover these areas of General Knowledge as well so that you can made good attempt in this type of questions also. The questions from Economics & corporate area may be asked from- Reserve Bank of India, various Govt. policies & announcements, Financial Performance of corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Takeovers, Buyouts, Joint Ventures etc.


  • Related to Govt. Schemes announcements

You also have to be updated about the schemes launched by Govt. Bank PO question paper will also have questions from announcements made by Govt. The questions may be asked on schemes launched in last 2-3 years or schemes currently flashing in news & schemes that have been introduced recently by Govt. of India.


  • Related to Marketing

Marketing is also covered in the section of General Knowledge of Bank PO exam. The topics that may be covered in marketing are- telemarketing, cross-selling etc. Prepare for the marketing section as well if want to score well in Bank PO exam.

You can also join the best Bank PO coaching in Dehradun if you want to prepare for Gk & Current affairs to appear for Bank PO exam. At the coaching institute you will get good study material not only for GK section but for other sections of Bank PO exam like Mathematics, English etc. Joining Bank PO coaching in Dehradun is a useful decision to make to get success in Bank PO exam.

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