Getting into the IAS is difficult but once you are through, there is prestige .


IAS is one of three All-India Services ( the other two being the IPS AND IFS) constituted by an Act of Parliament. Although primarily allocated to a state cadre at the entry point, an IAS (as also the IPS & IFS ) officer can save the Central government for a stipulated period, after which s/he returns to the parent cadre. This two-way movement benefits the officers, as they gain experience for the varied exposure. It
S the premier service for delivering good governance to a society and country .


10 am: Reach office
11am: Meeting with minister
Noon: Chair meeting
1.30 pm: Lunch
2.30 pm: File work
3.30 pm: Attend meeting chaired by senior officer
4.30 pm: Answer mails/letters
5.30 pm: File work continues
7 pm: Call it a day


At entry level : Rs 21,000 a month, basic pay At middle level: Rs 35,000-Rs 45,000 a month, basic pay. At senior level : Rs 90,000 a month, basic pay officers also get allowance over and above the pay .


 An inquisitive mind
 Incisive analytical ability to quickly weigh the pros and cons
 Ability to shift through data to focus on the essential
 Clarity of approach, coupled with the talent of planning by balancing present and future needs
 Dedication and ability to work hard


There are three stages in the competitive examination one has to clear- preliminaries (Prelims), Mains and interview. This three-stage annual competitive selection process, conducted by the Union Public Service commission, requires a candidate to have at least a Bachelor’s degree .


 Abhimanu IAS Study group, SCO – 147, SECTOR 24 D, Chandigarh, e-mail: iassstudygroup@yahoo.com
 Vajiram & ravi 79, old Rajinder Nagar Market, New Delhi e-mail: Vajiraman-dravi79@gmail.com
 Rau’s IAS, 309 kanchajhanga Building,18 Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place, Delhi www.rausias.com/Delhi


 Immense satisfaction derived from the fact that you work for the people
 Prestige and considerable perquisites come with the job
 Frequent transfers and the remoteness of the places may prove to be disheartening

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