During his visit on 6 and 7th June` to Bangladesh, PM NarendraModi settled one of the most important issues between the two countries. The Land Boundary Agreement provided a solution to a situation that was stuck in a quagmire for over 40 years since Bangladesh’s independence.


This was not merely an agreement that was signed between India and Bangladesh, but it was much more than that. The lives of over 50000 people got better and they got the reason to cheer about as now they have a clear picture of their nationalities.

The agreement signed by Mr. Modi and his Bangladeshi counter part Sheikh Hasina included exchange of 162 border colonies. 111 enclaves were given to Bangladesh and India received 51 enclaves.

Although India has a loss of land in terms of area with this agreement, but this 10000 acres of land seems not a big loss in comparison to the amelioration in the lives of 50000 people. This agreement has surely strengthened the relationship between India and Bangladesh and has increased Bangladesh’s faith on India. India has raised Line Of Credit for Bangladesh to $2 billion.
The Land Boundary Agreement also paved a path for 22 other agreements related to trade and investments, science and technology, infrastructure development, education , IT and culture that were also singed during the visit.

It has also given a ray of hope to the issues related to Teesta and Feni-rivers water dispute and the two nations seem to be sanguine to sort the problem out as soon as possible. Taking on International platform, PM Modi, in his speech given at Bangbandhu International Convention centre in Dhaka, attacked Pakistan for creating disturbances by constant terrorist activities and for being fake currency propeller.

The PM of India just hit the target when he said that India deserves permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council along with USA, Russia, Britain, France and China. Being modest is India’s biggest strength that distinguishes India from rest of the countries and this time also India has once again proved that we are not going to let small nuisances to hinder our development at any cost.

By- Shishir Kukreti

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