“Best way to conquer stage fright is to know what you’re talking about.”  

On May 30th,2015, (Saturday) Options Coaching Academy organized the Lecturette Competition for CDSE aspirants. Lecturette is a small talk which judges your capability to express yourself in front of the group (GTO). The length and breadth of knowledge that students gain through this is simply unparalled.

The anchors Ms Varsha & Ms Bhawna started the program by welcoming the chief guest the Director of OCA , Mr Himanshu Goel an educator and a renowned mathematician & others.


Ms Preeti Joshi felicitated the Director with a bouquet of gratitude. In his welcome address the Director Mr Goel put his thoughts on education system. He emphasized the need for value based education.


There was an esteemed panel of judges present- Mr Arun malik, Maths faculty, Mr Saurabh Kumar, English Faculty, Mr Manoj Baliyan GS faculty and Mr Amit Kumar English faculty. CDSE aspirants Mr Chandan and Mr Virendra felicitated the judges.


The latest & current topics of Lecturette Competition were announced just an hour prior to the commencement of the event. The candidates picked up three slips with one topic written on each of them. The candidates had to select one topic and were given three minutes duration to give a short lecturette about the topic and this was to be done only in English.

The participants armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions. In the end all the participants proved they were winners by displaying their fluency and excellent vocabulary. In all fifty CDSE aspirants of OCA participated in this competition.

In the Lecturette competition Mr Shivam was adjudged FIRST, while Ms Preeti joshi SECOND and Mr Rajkamal bagged the THIRD prize. The winners were awarded with Victory cups and certificates. The Director of OCA, Mr HIMANSHU GOEL gave away the prizes and congratulated all the students. Finally Mr Saurabh Kumar the English Faculty of OCA ended the program with his thanks speech.


The organizers of OCA believed that such types of events help in developing essential skills of public speaking & writing skills & also go a long way to boost confidence of students to face audience comfortably.

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