1. Which of the following deficit stood below 1% of GDP for the year 2014-15 (Revised Estimates)?

[A] Primary Deficit

[B] Revenue Deficit

[C] Effective Revenue Deficit

[D] None of the above

  1. Which of the following criteria got the least weightage by the 14th Finance Commission while recommending horizontal distribution?

[A] Population                         [B] Demographic change

[C] Income Distance                [D] Area

  1. 14th Finance Commission has recommended distribution of grants to states for local bodies using 2011 population data. The weight ratio of population and area stands at–

[A] 80: 20                                [B] 85: 15

[C] 90: 10                                [D] 92: 05

  1. In new series with base year 2011-12, GDP is estimated at–

[A] Market price

[B] Factor cost

[C] Average of market price and factor cost

[D] None of the above

  1. Vision of ‘Team India’ includes––

[A] ‘Housing for All’ by 2022

[B] Electrification, by 2020, of the remaining 20,000 village

[C] Connecting each of the 1,78,000 unconnected habitations by all weather roads

[D] All of the above

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched India’s first indigenously developed …….. vaccine on March 9, 2015.

[A] Rotavirus                           [B] Oral Polio

[C] Influenza                           [D] Oral Typhoid

  1. Which of the following is mismatched in relation to Stree Shakti Puraskar 2015?

[A] Anyay Rahit Zindagia NGO

–Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Award

[B] Seema Prakash

–Rani Laxmibai Award

[C] Asha Sansthan NGO

–Kannagi Award

[D] Chadraprabha Bokey

–Mata Jijabai Award

  1. Which of the following companies tied themselves with CII to set up smart cities?

[A] Hitachi India and Siemens

[B] L&T and Reliance Industries

[C] Tata sons and BHEL

[D] None of the above

  1. Mawlynnong Village in Meghalaya is in the news recently. The reason being–

[A] It has been awarded the Asia’s Cleanest village award in 2014-15

[B] All the houses in the village have sanitary toilet

[C] All the houses in the Village use clean energy for cooking

[D] The Village is situated on Indo-Bangladesh border

  1. Project ‘Maryadaa’ is associated with–

[A] Education of girls

[B] Making the village open defection free

[C] Making all the women of the village educated and self-reliant

[D] None of the above

  1. India’s Contribution to commulative Global emission is about–

[A] 10.7%        [B] 4.4%          [C] 7.4%          [D] 2.8%

  1. What is ‘Pink Sheet’?

[A] IMF’s Data sheet on current account deficits

[B] RBI’s Monetary Policy norms

[C] World Bank Commodities Price Data

[D] None of the above

  1. Martin Guptill is a famous player of _____?

[A] Football                             [B] Cricket

[C] Table Tennis                      [D] N.O.T.

  1. Karnataka has won Ranji Trophy of Cricket 2014-15 at Mumbai, who is the captain of Karnataka cricket team?

[A] Karun Nair                                    [B] R. Vinay Kumar

[C] Brijesh Patel                       [D] N.O.T.

  1. Which Indian player did not make ODI Double centuries?

[A] Sachin Tendulkar              [B] Rohit Sharma

[C] Virendra Sehwag               [D] Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  1. Which team has won Irani Trophy of Cricket in March 2015?

[A] Karnataka                          [B] Rest of India

[C] Punjab                               [D] Tamil Nadu

  1. Which Team has won the Santosh Trophy of Football in March – 2015?

[A] Punjab                               [B] Haryana

[C] Services                             [D] Karla

  1. Indian open Man’s single Championship has won by K. Srikanth. Who was runner up?

[A] Chai Biao (China)

[B] Hong Wei (China)

[C] Viktor Axelon (Denmark)

[D] Mads Pieler (Denmark)

  1. Who was winner of women Single Indian badminton Championship 2015?

[A] Saina Nehwal (India)

[B] Ayaka Takahashi (Japan)

[C] Ratchanok Intanon (Thailand)

[D] N.O.T.

  1. Which player has scored Maximum run in ICC World Cup 2015?

[A] B. Taylor (Zim)

[B] S. Dhawan (India)

[C] K. Sangkkara (Shri Lanka)

[D] M. Guptill (NZ)

  1. Darren Lehman is the only man to have won the world cup both as a player, he belongs to which country?

[A] New Zealand                     [B] Australia

[C] South Africa                      [D] West Indies

  1. Which organization has signed an Agreement with Indian Railway to invest 1.5 lakh crore rupees?

[A] State Bank of India

[B] Punjab National Bank

[C] General Insurance Corporation

[D] Life Insurance Corporation

  1. Which Country has first and last rank in Intellectual property Index respectively?

[A] Thailand U.S.A.                 [B] U.S.A. and Thailand

[C] India and U.S.A.                [D] U.S.A. and India

  1. Who is the Chairman of Kaya Kalp council of Indian Railway?

[A] Suresh Prabhu                   [B] K. Shrinivashan

[C] Ratan Naval Tata               [D] N.O.T.

  1. How many central Public Sector Enterprises are in operation at present?

[A] 234                        [B] 249                        [C] 274                        [D] 290

  1. BHEL has Commissioned a 660 MW Supercritical Thermal power Unit at which place?

[A] Brah (Bihar)                      [B] Barh (Bihar)

[C] Barh (Bengal)                    [D] Brah (Bengal)

  1. Government of India launched Atal Pension Yojna the Newly launched pension scheme will replace?

[A] Swabhiman Scheme

[B] Swavalamban Scheme

[C] Old Age Pension Scheme

[D] N.O.T.

  1. Government of India has raised how much crore rupee fund from Auctioning of telecom of spectrum?

[A] 75,000 crore                      [B] 95,000 crore

[C] 1, 10,000 crore                  [D] 1.25, 000 crore

  1. Mission Indara Dhanush-201 is related to?

[A] To provide immunization against seven life threatening disease

[B] To provide immunization against AIDS

[C] To provide immunization against only T.B.

[D] N.O.T.

  1. What is the rank of India in UHNWI in world?

[A] 21              [B] 24              [C] 26              [D] 28

  1. What is the rank of PM Narendra Modi in Global most admired list?

[A] Third         [B] Forth          [C] Fifth           [D] Sixth

  1. Who has been honored with the laadli Voice of the Centaury award?

[A] Samita Bharti                     [B] Lata Mangeshkar

[C] Asha Bhoshle                    [D] Alka Yagnik

  1. Who was the famina Miss India in 2014?

[A] Aditi Arya                         [B] Chitranda Singh

[C] Koyal Rana                                    [D] N.O.T.

  1. What is the rank of Nobel laureate Malal Yousaf Zai in global women most admired list?

[A] First                                   [B] Second

[C] Third                                  [D] Fourth

  1. Which Indian has won the Stockholm water prize for year 2015, for his exceptional efforts of water conservation?

[A] Rajbeer Singh                    [B] Manjeet Singh

[C] Saurabh Singh                    [D] Rajendra Singh

  1. Who has been won the best Actress Award in 62nd National Film Awards?

[A] Priyanka Chopra                [B] Balvinder Kaur

[C] Kangna Ranaut                  [D] N.O.T.

  1. Which Movie has won the best feature Film award in National Film Awards 2015?

[A] Court                                 [B] Queen

[C] Punjab 1984                      [D] N.O.T.

  1. Which Movie has selected for best environment conservation award in 2015?

[A] Orong                                [B] Ottaal

[C] Chotoder Chobi                 [D] N.O.T.

  1. A well known person selected for Saraswati Samman-2014?

[A] Atal Bihari Vajpayee         [B] Salman Khursheed

[C] Veerappa Moily                 [D] N.O.T.

  1. Tyler Prize is given for?

[A] Water Conservation

[B] Soil Conservation

[C] Environment Protection

[D] N.O.T.

  1. Arun Singh was in news recently because

[A] He is an Indian ambassador in France

[B] He is an Indian ambassador in England

[C] He is an Indian ambassador in U.S.A.

[D] He is an Indian ambassador in Russia

  1. Gulzar has been selected for DadaSaha Phalke Award in 2013, he was a famous?

[A] Actor                                 [B] Play back Singer

[C] Director                             [D] Lyricist

  1. Jane Lubenco is a famous person he is known for?

[A] Player                                [B] Ecology

[C] Industry                             [D] Banker

  1. K.M. Mani is the chairman of G.S.T. committee; he is the finance minister of?

[A] Karnataka                          [B] Karla

[C] Maharashtra                       [D] Bihar

  1. Which state has banned beef recently?

[A] Rajasthan                           [B] Punjab

[C] Haryana                             [D] Maharashtra

  1. Which state has passed minimum educational qualification bill for Panchayati Raj Institutes?

[A] M.P.                                   [B] A.P.

[C] U.P.                                   [D] Rajasthan

  1. Lee Kuyan was in news recently, he belongs to which country?

[A] Sumatra                             [B] Singapore

[C] Philippines                         [D] Indonesia

  1. Which country has approves first nuclear power plant, after Fukushima nuclear disaster?

[A] China                                 [B] Japan

[C] Russia                                [D] Pakistan

  1. Which Country has third rank in nuclear weapons stockpile in the world?

[A] China                                 [B] Russia

[C] U.S.A.                                [D] France

  1. According to the bulletin of the atomic scientist Pakistan has how many nuclear weapons recently?

[A] 115                        [B] 120                        [C] 125                        [D] 130

  1. Uighurs community is in news recently for to Join Islamic State. It belongs to which country?

[A] Pakistan                             [B] Afghanistan

[C] China                                 [D] Bangladesh

  1. Stockholm International peace research institute is in which country?

[A] Norway                             [B] Finland

[C] Sweden                              [D] U.S.A.

  1. India imports how much percent of world Arms during 2010 to 2015?

[A] 5%             [B] 10%           [C] 15%           [D] 20%

  1. Russia-1 documentary is related to?

[A] U.S.A. Recession – 1929

[B] U.S.A. Recession – 2008

[C] Greece Economic Crises

[D] Crimea Issue

  1. Which Country has passed a low to provide 30% seats for women on corporate boards?

[A] U.S.A.                               [B] Narwe

[C] France                                [D] Germany

  1. India is going to launch how many satellites to form its navigational satellite network?

[A] 5                [B] 6                [C] 7                [D] 9

  1. What is Astra?

[A] Its a Air to Air Missile of India

[B] Its a Air to Surface Missile of India

[C] Its a Surface to Air Missile of India

[D] N.O.T.

  1. Christine lagarde is head of which organization?

[A] W.T.O.                              [B] World Bank

[C] I.M.F.                                 [D] A.D.B

  1. PM Narendra Modi was chief Guest of Independence Day of which country on 12 March-2015?

[A] Sri lanka                            [B] Seychelles

[C] Mauritius                           [D] France

  1. Supreme Court of India has declared which Section of IT Act 2000 illegal in march 2015?

[A] Section-64                         [B] Section-65

[C] Section-66                         [D] Section-67

Answers Key Monthly GS Quiz ( May) 2015

1 A 2 B 3 C 4 A 5 D 6 A 7 C 8 A 9 A 10 B
11 D 12 C 13 B 14 B 15 D 16 B 17 C 18 C 19 A 20 D
21 B 22 D 23 B 24 C 25 A 26 B 27 B 28 C 29 A 30 C
31 C 32 B 33 C 34 B 35 D 36 C 37 A 38 B 39 C 40 C
41 C 42 D 43 B 44 B 45 D 46 D 47 B 48 A 49 D 50 B
51 C 52 C 53 C 54 D 55 D 56 C 57 A 58 C 59 C 60 C

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