Quiz Competition on March 21, (Saturday) 2015, at Options Coaching Academy.

Faculty: Mr. Manoj Baliyan

The written Quiz Competition was organized by options coaching Academy on Saturday, March 21, 2015. The mega event had 70 Students taking part in it.

“Exuberating, Motivating, Enlightening and Engaging”, would describe the Quiz Competition of Options Coaching Academy.

The Competition was aimed at developing the knowledge and excellence base among the Students through healthy and motivating meet.

The winners of the Quiz Competition were.

The First Prize was awarded to MR. SHAILENDRA BHATT.

The Second Prize was awarded to MR. ASHISH UNIYAL.

The Third Prize was awarded to MR. AKSHAY RATHI.

The winners were awarded with a cup and a certificate of merit by the Director MR. Himanshu Gael, of Options Coaching Academy.

The director praised the teachers and the Students for their hard work.

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