Written examination for RRB –ASSISTANT-2015, were conducted w.e.f. 20th of September, 2015, this year.
Interviews for the same were held w.e.f. 20 th of October,2015.

Many students from OPTIONS Coaching Academy qualified the written examination and appeared for the interview. The Interview Panel basically checks your attitude towards work, your confidence level and knowledge. The Questions asked to the OCA candidates are as follows-:

1-Candidate’s name and its meaning.
2-Candidate’s personal background.
3-Candidate’s hometown – key features.
4- Candidate’s educational qualification and job experience, if any.
5 – Questions related to Uttarakhand: Prominent government offices, famous sports personalities, & famous mountaineers.

6-Questions related to Banking:

  • What is a bank rate?
  • What is call drop?
  • What is para banking?
  • What do you mean by Women Empowerment? Name few women –oriented schemes.

7- Name few computer languages known to you?
8- About candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • The Interview panel comprised of four male and one female members.
  • The members were calm, friendly and tried to make the students comfortable.

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