Sports and Education at Options Coaching Academy

In the words of Kobe Bryant: “ Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they’ve taught me camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences.”

Education is the very bedrock of a cultured society. Physical & mental well-being should go hand in hand. Sports can play a pivotal role in the proper, harmonious development of the youngsters. Outdoor games & sports facilitate proper development of bones & muscles, open air rejuvenates the body and the freedom adds a pink glow to the tender cheeks of robust youngsters. Be it cricket, hockey, football, lawn tennis, volleyball or badminton, it ensures unstunted physical growth.

The playground is simply not a piece of land where children play, run & sweat out their energies. But in many ways it inculcates human and ethical values in young individuals. Life is itself a playground where courage and determination are put to litmus test. These qualities help man to come out from the field, Victorious. Sports and games inculcate the precious spirit of discipline, team spirit, coordination and courage. Youth is the time when seeds of character are sown. Sports imbibe the lessons of honesty, self-reliance, confidence, leadership & brotherhood. It also increases concentration and will to succeed. Discipline which is the hallmark of success, is developed on a playground. So, the playground itself becomes a school, imparting the best education to us.

A wholesome & dynamic education policy with a combination of academics & sports will usher in all round progress & prosperity. It is high time our wise educationalists make sports compulsory right from the primary classes. By the time the students graduate out of college, they will be robust & cheerful citizens – determined to succeed. A person nurtured in sportsman spirit is an embodiment of tolerance which is an essential embodiment of democracy. Let’s resolve to play the games with zeal & vigour.

Sports must become an indispensable & inseparable part of our social life.
Competitiveness is just a by-product.- Narendra Modi.

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