Options Dehradun study material is a very well organized collection which takes care of all the subtle differences as per the exam concerned.

Exams for Business Management: The course curriculum for management exam is carefully devised in 3 categories. The 1st is for BBA which includes all the fundamentals of Reasoning, Maths, English and General Awareness. The 2nd category is an addition on to the fundamentals whereby the student learns the application and use of the fundamentals and can easily clear examinations like MAT and others at par. The 3rd category in the MASTER category whereby Reasoning, Maths and English are upgraded to advance levels, after making the students well versed in the 3 subjects, total focus is on the application, evaluation and monitoring of student’s performance, this is a regular process.

Banking Exams: Study material for these exams are divided into 2 categories.1st categories is the CLERICAL category where the student is made familiar with fundamentals and concepts of Reasoning, English, Maths and General awareness. More focus is on short cuts and tricks keeping the accuracy component in mind because clerical exams are all about speed. 2nd category is an add on to the 1st category where the difficulty level of Reasoning, English and Maths is increased. Special focus is on the analytical part i.e. Assumptions / Arguments / Inferences etc. The thought process of the student is guided in a way that he/she becomes a natural at solving questions on the above mentioned topics, special attention is given to General awareness because good GA in compulsory to clear a Bank PO Exam. 30 practice set with analysis are provided to the student before he/she sits for the examination.

Defense Exams: Course for this category in devised keeping in mind the special area of focus of these exams, which includes, but not limited to:


Maths: Owing to the fixed pattern of the exam, students are taught topics like Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, with a special focus on certain portions which are the examiner’s favorite.

English: Students are well trained in grammar with special focus on vocabulary because 1/3rd of the paper tests the student’s vocabulary. Special training technique is used for vocabulary building purpose.

G.S: Material is divided efficiently for topics like History, Geography, Polity, Science etc. Relevant portions are taught in detail to the students.


Reasoning: This section is an add to the CDSE section. The add-ons are; Reasoning. As exams like “AC” tests the student on reasoning abilities therefore special focus is given on the same and an effective study material is provided.

Maths: Topics like “Probability” are added to the sphere of mathematics.

G.S.: The depth of the subject delved into increase the fundamentals. 10 practice papers with analysis are provided to the students before they sit for the exam.

Special Material for after 12th Exams: Exams such as Law / Mass comm. etc, test the student for aptitude in the specific fields, for example, legal aptitude test is an additional test for the Law entrance exam. Therefore to make the student apt for the examinations, special material is provided for specific aptitude tests. Special supplements on aptitude tests and analysis are provided to the students.

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